Overview of MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)

MBC is a public broadcaster which operates on advertising, with Foundation for Broadcast Culture, a public foundation, as the largest shareholder. MBC has been the number one broadcast network in Korea in terms of reliability, popularity and influence.

Established in 1961, MBC has been contributing to the development of the Korean media industry with a nationwide network of 18 regional stations in different parts of the country and 10 subsidiaries. Today, it's a multimedia group with 1 terrestrial TV channel, 3 radio channels, 5 cable channels, 4 satellite channels and 4 DMB channels.

MBC is a popular name also in countries other than Korea as a result of having exported high quality media content to more than 50 countries. As a global media group, MBC is now seeking ways to strengthen ties with other broadcasting companies of the world in many different areas.

MBC provides useful information and entertains the viewers through its channels, while focusing on the core value of delivering customer satisfaction based on fairness, reliability, creativity and professionalism with the goal of becoming one of the most competitive media groups in the 21st century.


Address 267 Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-904, Korea
Contact information Main : 82-2-789-0011
Viewer Support : 82-2-780-0015
Website Main Site: http://www.imbc.com
About MBC : http://aboutmbc.imbc.com
Global Media : http://content.mbc.co.kr
Official Blog M-Talk : http://blog.mbc.co.kr


Channels 1 Terrestrail TV Channel
3 Radio (FM, AM, Standard FM) Channels
5 Cable (Drama, Sports, Variety, Music, Queen) Channels
4 Satellite (Drama, Sports, Music, Variety) Channels
4 Terrestrial DMB (2 TV, 1 Radio, 1 Data) Channels
Service Areas Nationwide (Coverage 98%)
Shareholders Foundation for Broadcast Culture (70%), Jeong-Su Scholarship Association (30%)
Company Building MBC Broadcasting Center (Seoul HQ)
MBC Dream Center (Ilsan Digital Production Center)
Yongin MBC Dramia
MBC Munhwaland (Studio · Outdoor Film Set)
Affiliated Companies 18 Regional Stations, 10 Subsidiaries