TPEG sends information about accidents, constructions, rallies, etc.

Drivers can avoid a sudden traffic jam by receiving RTM data in advance.
Also navigation systems automatically can find a detour path to avoid traffic jam using RTM data.
RTM data can be notified by texts, voices (TTS), graphics, etc. And a navigation.

TPEG RTM message is composed of MMC(Message Management Container), RTM Event Container and TPEG-Location Container. Following figure shows TPEG RTM message component.

Data Specification


Nation wide


Occurrence Time
Start time of affect
Estimated end time of affect
RTM Type : Accident , Construction, Rally, Natural Disaster, etc
Detail Contents of RTM
Link name of occurrence
Link Id of occurrence
Affected Links
Location of occurrence

Applied Examples

Users can take a look at the lists of RTM and detail contents and check the location of occurrence.