CTT is a main service of TPEG to provide drivers with traffic information.

CTT can be displayed on a map with texts, voices and graphics and also used for an optimal path-finding.
Any DMB receiver equipped with devices with/without GPS module or location database can receive and use CTT.

TPEG CTT message is composed of MMC(Message Management Container), CTT Status Container and TPEG-Location Container. Following figure shows TPEG CTT message component.

Data Specification


All Highways, Metropolitan road(including Seoul and 6-Metro cities), 16 cities nearby Seoul, National Road.
Sources from public organizations, private companies, local governments and user reports, etc.


Link Id : KS Standardized Links
  (Totally 62,855, Highway + National Road: 15,853, Seoul Metropolitan Area(Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi): 31,122)
Speed : 5-min interval

Applied Examples

Display the degree of congestion on map with different colors. Users can catch the traffic states and avoid congested roads.

With CTT, enable to find optimal path to avoid the congested roads and calculate predicted travel time more accurately.