TPEG Features

1. TPEG is capable of transferring data at 128kbs or high,
    compared to FM DARC(FM Data Radio Channel) with 16Kpbs or RDS(Radio Data System) with 1.18Kbps.

2. Because TPEG can send lots of traffic information without time delay,
    end user can receive more accurate real time data.

3. Consumer can receive TPEG data reliably at fast moving environment.

4. TPEG uses a file based MOT(Multimedia Object Transfer) protocol.
    Avoid abandoning the whole data due to disconnection at shadow area by means of transmitting whole data
    with sliced file segments.
    And lots of data can be carried by sending zip-compressed file.

5. TPEG has a flexible structure in preparation for adding or changing contents.

6. By using broadcasting network, the same transfer quality is assured independent of the number of end user.
    Also there is no additional charge for the amount of used data.

7. TPEG standards include location information inside,
    therefore any devices without client-side location databases can understand TPEG data.