DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) is a digital radio transmission technology for digital broadcasting of audio, video, multimedia, data to mobile devices such as mobile phones and car navigation systems.

DMS is the world's first official technology developed in South Korea in 2005 as the next generation digital technology to replace analog FM radio.

DMB is based on DAB(Digital Audio Broadcasting) that was first developed in Europe to replace analog AM/FM radio. By using DAB technology, transmitting CD quality audio, text and images became possible at a fast moving environment. However, DAB service in Europe was not attractive to consumers, and as a result it was not commercially successful.
The MIC(Ministry of Information and Communications) of South Korea supported to improve and develop a new version of DAB that could carry multimedia(video streams) as well as audio. This technology was named as DMB.

Amongst three different channels of DMB; video, audio and data, TPEG data is transmitted via data channel.

Currently DMB is being used in a number of countries including Norway, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, and more.
Today, almost all of the mobile devices such as mobile phone, car navigation, PMP and tablet PC support DMB in South Korea.

DMB Features

Supports Multi-channel digital radio broadcasting to replace analog AM/FM.
Supports Multi-channel digital multimedia(audio, video, data) broadcasting.
High quality receiving ability at fast moving environment.
High transmission speed and efficiency (1.536MHz bandwidth, 1.7Mbps max)

DMB Applied Devices